Our moving company helps the citizens of Atlanta Georgia and and surrounding areas move effortlessly between residential or commercial locations.

Moving Company Atlanta

As an Atlanta moving company that has been around for a long time in the area we know most of the moving companies working in Atlanta. We can say without sounding to big headed we are one of the better ones. And this is because we have “thee” team of movers that make other moving companies jealous.

You might have heard from us through word of mouth and that’s always a good sign because it shows we are good enough to be vouched for. It’s probably because we know the area very well and what you always might want to know is most moving companies charge by the hour so if you have a company that does not know the area you will be paying that extra money if they are getting lost on your time. If you are really organized and everything is packed and ready to go to make the movers life easier then the quicker the move will be which means less money out of your bank account. Any items that are laying around loose, try and make sure they are boxed or wrapped up because if the mover has to do it this will add time to the move.

If some of your furniture is too big to fit through any hallways or doors or even down the stair case then try and dissemble the stuff to save money. Most moving companies can do this for you if you can’t but once again it will add time to your move and some companies can charge extra for this service if they have to take apart something big and complicated. All the furniture can be easily reassembled at the new destination with ease.

When the movers are bringing in furniture to the new house please be clear to them where you want the pieces to go, last thing you need is for the mover to be dropping items off in the wrong rooms. This could end up being a pain for you later on if you have to move stuff yourself or the movers have to waste more time moving stuff adding more time and money to the move.

If you are packing up items you can use old news paper for plates and glasses, basically any fragile items. Tissue paper is best but newspaper works just as well and is readily available and cheaper. Any really fragile items can be boxed up and wrapped with bubble wrap to protect it further.

Should you need any more advice on packing and moving companies in the area then feel free to call us.